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Why professionals are going for skills update in Data Analytics?


Over the years, Data Science has seen a remarkable journey in all parts of different sectors. With that, the need of a data scientist has risen to exceptional levels. But one would ask, why there is such a surge? The Answer is simple – Data Analytics helps companies or big corporates make better decisions and reduce their overall time. To be a part of this trend, students and professionals around the world are flocking to see how they can upskill to Data Science Course. With a no. of Coaching centres, Institutes and colleges are queuing up to provide ‘Best Data Science Course‘. We have seen a debatable trend. While Full time courses, Part-time courses and Online courses are all competing with themselves. A handsome no. of 45% want to opt for full time courses. Here come institutes like ‘Aedifico Tech’ who has been providing skillful education to students and professionals for almost 10 years now. An ISO certified establishment which is serious to their tagline of ‘Bridging the Skill-Gap’

Knowledge is power, and it is essential for each individual. And one can gain knowledge by attending universities and take some courses in a specific field.  Talking about course, both part-time and full-time courses have their own advantages. However, many students feel that a full-time course is a good choice — this way they can focus accurately on their lessons without any distraction.

Witnessing the popularity of full-time courses, AIM decided to list down some of the major benefits of opting a full-time course:

  1. The first and the major benefit is, your education won’t go to waste; just in case if you choose not to join the same company again after completing your course, there are companies that might want to hire you based on your past work experience and your degree or certificate.
  2. Your résumé gets an extra touch up and naturally expand as a result of your full-time course. And that also helps you get internships or temporary positions while carrying on with your course. (and you never know, your previous manager might offer you a position again.)
  3. Education and knowledge are power, and the more you have of these the more you rise. Having a full-time degree or certificate helps you in job security and also, your income typically increases as you become more educated. Therefore, if you are planning to go to college, it can make a significant difference in your income, your job, and quality of life.

Job security and a high paycheck can be tempting and may be the reasons behind you taking a full-time course. However, when it comes to education or gaining knowledge, it takes commitment — it is a heavy word — but plays a vital role when you want to learn something. It doesn’t matter whether you are taking a long-term course or a short-term course, if you are not dedicated enough or not ready to put in your 100%, then things might not work well for you.

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