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Must Have New Skills – A.I, Machine Learning and Automation

Given the layoffs in IT industry, it’s important to keep in mind and understand skills that are becoming outdated and being replaced by new skills which are highly in-demand. Jobs in fields such as manual testing, tech support, system administration have become outdated and are being affected by the developments in the field of A.I, machine learning, automation and robotics process automation based systems.

A.I, Machine Learning, Automation, and Robotics

Moreover, with newer developments in artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation and cloud computing, which helps complete the job with less manpower, software companies are now having to reconsider their strategies. Furthermore, many software developers are on the verge of losing their jobs as they fail to upgrade their knowledge to newer technologies. However, there is a surge in demand for latest and innovative technologies like data science, artificial intelligence, hardware product programming, machine learning. These are the fields where demand is higher than supply and hence people with these skills can get a premium on their salaries.

Job cuts in Indian I.T. companies will be 1.75 -2 lakh per year in next 3 years, due to under-preparedness in adopting newer technologies hence it is better to invest money right now and be prepared for the future jobs. Although, as mentioned, due to lack of skilled individuals, people equipped with these skills can get better salaries. Furthermore, in my opinion, one must have the 3 Cs to sustain in the uncertain Job Scenarios:-

  • Complex Problem-Solving Skills which involves computational thinking and solving real-time
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Critical thinking

If you are in the I.T. industry, get started in new domains which can lead to employability. Furthermore, just knowing the basics isn’t going to cut it. People need to establish themselves as an authority in their chosen field and have expertise in it.

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