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A Raspberry Pi is a mini computer board which is pocket friendly both in terms of its size and price. This credit card size board is capable of doing almost everything which you usually do with your laptop or computer. VGA slot for connecting monitor, USB slot for keyboard and mouse, WIFI and Ethernet adapter for internet access, camera slot for interfacing camera, audio outputs and a slot for interfacing external memory card makes it no less than a desktop computer or laptop.

Controlling actuator like led, motor, lcd with the help of GPIO pins on it, is an additional feature that encourages its use in the field of automation, robotics, IOT and image processing. Raspberry Pi has a very vast area of application in industry and Research field. Programming on Raspberry pi will be done preferably with python. Python is one of the trending languages these days and you will get to know working with python as well. With the module like OpenCV in python, Raspberry Pi is also extensively used in Image Processing.

The Latest Pi 3 board with incorporated WIFI and Bluetooth adapter made a raspberrpi board to be readily used for server based application and internet of things application.

We at Aedifico provide project based learning in which we emphasis in practical training given on Raspberry pi training in delhi rather than theoretical. You will get complete hands on experience to be an expert in working with Raspberry Pi. Starting from the basic installation of Raspbian operating system and getting used to it, to making a complex IoT based project, all the application will be done practically on the hardware by you.

We have specialised 6 weeks internship program and 6 months industrial training program for fundamentals to Advance Raspberry Pi. According to your needs, the content can be customised to give you expertise knowledge of a specific domain.

Based on the current industry requirement, we have designed three modules to learn to work with Raspberry Pi as mentioned below


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