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A Microcontroller is a single chip computer which has a processing device along with other peripherals like RAM, ROM, ADC, RTC required to make a fully fledged embedded device. Various families of microcontroller are currently being used in industry as per their feasibility and capability to perform the required task. Aedifico‘s course structure and experienced mentor’s program is rated as the best microcontroller training in Delhi.

PIC is one of the family of microcontroller extensively used for industrial automation and electrical appliance. PIC is an 8 bit architecture and has the capability of interfacing 8 analog sensors, 1 serial device, 2 timers and 32 port pins. Integrated I2C and SPI features of SPI enables it for multiprocessor communication. Sometimes referred to as an embedded controller or microcontroller unit (MCU), microcontrollers are found in vehicles, robots, office machines, medical devices, mobile radio transceivers, vending machines and home appliances among other devices. They are often used in multiple industries and applications, including in the home and enterprise, building automation, manufacturing, robotics, automotive, lighting, smart energy, industrial automation, communications and internet of things (IoT) deployments.

We at Aedifico have excellent trainers having industrial experience in almost every domain of embedded system. Learning at Aedifico is no less then working in industry. Along with training, you will get complete hands on for every application you make as well as industrial projects that the company is working on.

We provide fundamental and advance courses for SPI including wireless technologies and Intenet of things(IoT). Aedifico is considered best microcontroller training institute in Delhi in providing the 6 weeks summer internship and 4 weeks Winter internship in PIC Microcontroller and 8051 Microcontroller. Want to get hooked with fundamentals we teach here? Come and see for yourself, Apply now and take Aedifico’s ‘Best Microcontroller Training in Delhi’ demo class and decide which way you want to go.


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