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How To Learn Programming In 6 Months and be Job Ready?

The title ‘6 Months Job Training Program’ seems to be fascinating to students who are looking to get their hands on different programming languages and be job ready. Trust us it’s very much possible and if you’re reading this, then you are already on your journey ahead. Thousands of students have done it with our programming courses and got their dream jobs and now you can also go the same route.

First thing, Yes It is possible to learn a programming language in 6 months but only if you have the zeel to do it, seriously studying about it and working on real time project simultaneously gives you that exposure you need. All of this, and setting your mind right with confidence can get you ready for big corporate world. Most of the people choose to learn code and aspire to be the part of the industry. On the contrary, to get your hands on programming, people have a lot of misconceptions on the programmers and learning coding skills. If you are able to avoid this disbelief then, you will become an expert coder in 6 months without a doubt.

  • Many people think Programmers are the people who started to learn coding at very small age. This myth is okay for some biggies who started coding at the early age and ended up becoming founders of some giant companies. But it’s not applicable for all.
  • People often think if we start coding we need to learn everything about it otherwise we may end up jobless. That’s actually a false belief, every successful programmer learns elementary 20% of coding and leads to 100% with practice and perseverance.

So, fix your brain by setting the above myths properly and start your journey to achieve coding skills in 6 months.

Aedifico Tech is always working hard with students to maintain that ratio where every student who joined their courses get the job and become successful in career. The Idea is not always to teach people how to get the job, its about their complete holistic development which can be with them for a longer period of time.

Our 6 Months Training Program in brief:

Data Science 6 Months Training Program

Machine Learning 6 Months Training Program

Embedded Systems 6 Months Training Program

Android 6 Months Training Program

JAVA 6 Months Training Program


INDIA IT JOBS IN GREAT DEMAND, as mentioned in the Times of India Article, as more companies undergo Digital Transformation, in-demand IT roles will shift by 2020 to include positions focused on advanced technologies such as Machine learning (ML) Internet of Things (IoT), Data Scientist.

A mix of tech and skills will be required for nearly every position, according to CompTIA chief technology evangelist James Stanger. We are going to see a lot of defined job roles either being radically redefined, or even just go away. I think an IT skill-set will remain valuable and forever. 

Here are the few top IT jobs that experts predict will be in high demand by 2020.

Machine Learning Engineers:

Machine learning engineers are advanced programmers who develop AI machines and systems that can learn and apply knowledge. These professionals perform sophisticated programming, working with complex data-sets and algorithms to train these systems. 

We see every company becoming an AI company; and as that happens, Machine learning engineers are going to be very high in demand.

App Developers:

Across both end users and vendors, app developers will be in large demand in 2020. This could be a higher level role than simply coding, according to Forrester analyst Andrew Bartels( VICE PRESIDENT) : THE developer may be someone who identifies a need and designs what the code would look like, and sends it off to someone else to do the actual coding.

Database Administrators:

Database administrators will become more in-demand by 2020, particularly as companies move toward more software offerings that include AI, and the ability to create AI-powered models.

Director Speaks : 

Mr. Vaseem Durrani, director of Aedifico – technical institute in Delhi says, “With all of these positions and new skills on the horizon, there is a high need to be proactive in providing training and skill-set for the same”.

His advice for people seeking career advancement is to research how their industry is changing and try to identify the skills that will be needed in the future.

Mr. Durrani conclude stating :

Everything from basic to advanced IT skills, data analysis, engineering, and research—will translate to finding yourself in the future’s most lucrative jobs. Think statistician, software developer, engineer, robotics expert, and scientific researcher.

Data Source : Time of India

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