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Machine Learning Solutions to look out for in 2019

In this hyper active technology market, Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions are driving the growth of industries these days. Machine Learning capacity to use Big Data and learning patterns gives an edge to the companies. Deep Learning is again one awesome concept that is making its waves across technologies. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Science training courses in Delhi provided by Aedifico Tech is the best summer /winter training industrial institute in Delhi.

The worldwide ML market summed up to $1.4 billion of 2017, as indicated by BCC Research. It is assessed to top $8.8 billion by 2022, a stunning compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43.6%. The ML industry is evolving rapidly. ML-based startups are always hopping into space. Very often we get to hear that a lot of companies are exploring machine learning concepts and students or professionals are just dying to get hold of this technology so that they can make good use of their career. 

Some of the best solution providers in the ML space are:

Google Machine Learning Engine

Google Cloud Machine Learning (ML) Engine is a managed service that empowers data scientists and developers to construct and convey better ML models to creation. Cloud ML Engine gives training and prediction services, which can be utilized together or separately. Cloud ML Engine is a demonstrated service utilized by organisations to tackle issues running from identifying mists in satellite pictures, guaranteeing food security, and reacting multiple times quicker to client messages.

ML includes training a PC model to discover patterns in information. The more great information that you train a very much planned model with, the more smart your solution will be. You can come up with your models with different ML systems, including scikit-learn, XGBoost, Keras, and TensorFlow, a best in class deep learning structure that powers many Google products, from Google Photos to Google Cloud Speech. Cloud ML Engine empowers you to naturally plan and assess model architecture to accomplish an intelligent solution quicker and without specialists. Cloud ML Engine scales to use every one of your data. It can prepare any model at a large scale on a managed cluster.

IBM Watson Studio

Watson Studio democratizes ML and deep learning on how to quicken infusion of AI in your business to drive development. Watson Studio gives a suite of tools and a cooperative environment for data scientists, developers and area specialists. Watson Studio gives you the environment and tools to take care of your business issues by cooperatively working with information. You can pick the tools you have to investigate and visualize data, to wash down and shape data, to ingest streaming information, or to make, train, and deploy machine learning models.

IBM Watson Studio is intended to oblige an assortment of independent platforms and different kinds of power users. This incorporates data engineers, application developers and data scientists. The outcome is solid cooperation capacities. Among its best highlights: a robust engineering, solid algorithms and a ground-breaking capacity to execute ML.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio

Azure Machine Learning Studio has risen as a main solution in the managed cloud space. It conveys a visual tool that guides engineers, data scientists and non-data scientists in planning ML pipelines and solutions that address a wide range of tasks. Microsoft Azure offers a program based, visual simplified writing environment that requires no coding. Gartner positions Microsoft a “Visionary” in its MQ. The solution offers a high state of adaptability, extensibility and transparency.

Azure blue ML Studio likewise conveys extensive capacities over the full range of elucidating, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytic sorts. Microsoft is proceeding to grow the features and capacities inside Azure Machine Learning. This incorporates advancing deep learning through the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (previously CNTK) as well as the joint ONNX open standard for neural systems. Microsoft likewise plans to automate a developing number of capacities inside the Azure Machine Learning stage.

AWS SageMaker

Amazon SageMaker is a service that empowers an engineer to fabricate and train ML models for predictive or analytical applications in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. Machine Learning offers an assortment of advantages for companies, for example, advanced analytics for client information or back-end security threat detection, yet it tends to be hard for IT experts to deploy these models without prior experience and skills. Amazon SageMaker plans to address this challenge, as it gives built-in and basic ML algorithms, alongside different tools, to improve and fasten up the procedure.

Amazon SageMaker supports Jupyter notebook, which are open source web applications that aid engineers share live code. For SageMaker clients, these notebooks incorporate drivers, packages and libraries for normal deep learning platforms and systems. A developer can come2 up with a pre-constructed notebook, which AWS supplies for an assortment of applications and use cases, at that point alter it as per the data set and schema the engineer needs to train. Developers can likewise utilize custom-built algorithms written in one of the upheld ML structures or any code that has been bundled as a Docker container image. SageMaker can pull information from Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and there is no practical farthest point to the size of the data set.

Livwize – A name that’s looking to transform Indian homes with affordable Home Automation Solutions

smart home automation

Home Automation market is surging rapidly, the recent data shared by market research company projects it to grow to more than USD 80 billion by 2022. One can imagine the potential it holds to become the global industry in competition with others. Recently, We bumped into a name that’s supposedly looking to transform the way we live our lives. ‘Livwize Smart Solutions’ based out of Delhi, IN is doing exactly what most of the Indians people would need. ‘An Affordable Smart Home Solution’. Yes, you read that right. Indians to any length and breadth love products that are affordable and still providing top notch quality solution. Livwize claims to be providing solutions that are exactly the same quality which other big players are’ in the current market scenario and still well in everybody’s pocket reach.

Brands like Philips, Nest, Control4, Honeywell, Legrand and SmartThings by Samsung etc are some of the biggies who have entered into this field in recent years. Their solutions are used globally and at much wider scale now.

Livwize on the other hand is creating new smart home solutions as per Indian Government’s vision for Smart Cities and businesses to integrate AI & IoT technologies. Their recently introduced ‘Smart Plug’ can handle high power household appliances like AC, Geyser, Room Heater, Water pumps etc. By making use of their plug you can schedule and remotely ON/OFF devices whenever and wherever required. The Start-Up claims to be providing high-end product as it has 1 year complete warranty at par with other big names.

Aedifico from time to time reads market carefully and in the process of doing so we look to provide students and professionals the training they are going to need which can take them to heights in their career fields. AI, iOT, Machine Learning are some of the technologies that are quickly becoming the core for big industry giants and to be able to work for them you got to have those handsome technical skills.

As they say, its never too late to learn and experience new things. Grab your phone right now and contact us for that ultimate training and learning experience.

Credit: Livwize Smart Solutions

New Application offers key behavioral data to improve Health

Nascate’s Aware Application offers key behavioral data that can be combined with clinical data to improve healthcare decision making and reduce costs.

Based on the growing recognition that behavior – and not just clinical factors – critically affect health, Nascate today announced the launched of an online platform that provides key information on people’s behavior outside the healthcare environment and how that behavior may affect health, utilization, and costs. Nascate’s members will be able to integrate this behavioral data with clinical data to gain a comprehensive understanding of individual patients as well as patient populations, and their unique health risks.

“The medical community has embraced the importance of behavior and lifestyle in health and healthcare and has even begun collecting relevant data,” said James Lawson, EVP of Business Development and Marketing. “The majority of the data aren’t useful, though, because they’re not being processed, interpreted, and acted upon. Our goal is to prevent disease and unnecessarily healthcare spending by mobilizing behavioral data to make clearer how health psychology and behavior affect different layers of healthcare decision making.”

SOURCE: Prnewswire

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The In-Demand Skills People Need Most in 2019 and How To Learn Them Already?

6 Month Industrial Training

Many Countries today are experiencing a toughest of time when we talk about job opportunities. Countries like US and many parts of EU are facing a skills gap already and some say that this is ‘the worst time for laborers’. Why this change? why super countries are feeling the heat? Why it is everywhere we hear about ‘In-Demand Skills People Need and how to learn them’?

The answer is ‘Special Skills’. Countries are actually becoming more open-minded when considering about job candidates. Big shots like Apple, Google etc no longer require you to have a college degree by your side when you apply for a post. Instead of worrying about your educational background, they are looking for some specific skills matter to the job. This is specially true for companies like Facebook who really prefers your skills rather than qualifications. Big companies have been heard saying “you can apply for the job if you have relevant skills even if you don’t have desired qualifications needed for the job, what matters to us is what you bring to the table and that’s only can benefit us and you in the long run”.

The Technical or Hard skills we believe can benefit you through out this year

1. Cloud Computing: Businesses are comfortable storing their data with public cloud providers. But as cutting-edge technologies, like machine learning, continue to reshape the job market the skills gap looms large across the industry. With over 350,000 specialists needed to help fill cloud roles there’s clearly a massive opportunity for professionals that can prove their skills.

2. Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning: Interested in Machine Learning? You are not alone! More people are getting interested in Machine Learning every day. The demand for Machine Learning engineers is going to keep increasing exponentially. The world’s challenges are complex, and they will require complex systems to solve them. Machine Learning engineers are building these systems. If this is YOUR future, then there’s no time like the present to start mastering the skills and developing the mindset you’re going to need to succeed.

3. UI/UX Design: With user experience design becoming more popular and in demand, the need to diversify skills is clear.

While new age digital skills like cloud computing and artificial intelligence make it to the top of hard skills companies need most, the emergence of new skills suggests that employers recognize the importance of embracing modern technologies as well as recognizing those things technology can’t do: connect with other people, engage in out-of-the-box thinking and quickly adapt to new priorities or problems.

Aedifico Tech’s mantra has always been to bridge the skill gap people are actually facing. With real problem solving methodical learning we take the professional/student to a whole new world where the constant practical exposure through case studies is what’s going to be dealt the most. With industrial training season is just around the corner. Our experts will make sure you get the right ‘Project Based 6 Month Industrial Training in Delhi

Best Programming Languages in 2018

We all know that technology is evolving pretty fast, and there are many programming languages one can name of. But there are some which are standard or probably the best and want coders/programmers to reach out to them again and again. Here, we give a quick snapshot of those according to Github the best programming platform in the world where coders, learners and expert programmers meet and help out each other.


What to say about this language as it needs no introduction, companies queue up to hire the specialized JAVA programmers still as its probably the widely used oops language and is still growing. Android apps, web, games, big data, you name a technology and you will find Java there. Why we also believe that JAVA can help you shape your career in a better way? Come and know for yourself with our certified Android Development Program


We all know that Python has become one of the most loved programming language on the internet. Yes, it’s true. Developers love it because it justifies to be one of those rare languages which are both simple and powerful. It’s a high-level programming language which has now become one of the fastest growing programming languages in the world.

Also Read. Introduction to Python Programming Language with Aedifico Tech


If you are learning web development then surely you have heard about it once in your life . The term PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. This language is responsible for handling data on the server. It’s simple, fast, platform independent, and open source. Many firms hire PHP developers as there is a huge demand for them. So if you are into web development then this is the programming language to learn.

Learn with Aedifico Tech, the best web development training institute

‘Aedifico Tech’ a premiere technical skill training institute takes care of your programming needs and offers you with best training programs in new age digital skills as well like Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Robotics, Raspberry Pi, Matlab and many more

Faculty Development Program on Python with Machine Learning and Data Science

New Digital Skills is surely getting on people’s mind. There is an urgent need to upgrade your skills even faculties feel the heat now. Delivering professional notes for ‘Faculty Development Program on Python with Machine Learning and Data Science. Feels good to know that everyone is doing their bit to skill-based learning. Aedifico’s mantra has always been to bridge the skill gap, technology is creating.


Getting fresh with new technologies & training kits at DIDAC 2018

Aedifico’s Director ‘Mr Vaseem Durrani’ attending the DIDAC India Conference 2018, feels excited to see a lot of new possibilities and development in technology, also on the agenda was to interact with the global academic key players to do alliances for visionary projects in future.

‘Mr Vaseem’ says

“The technology is booming and so is learning methods for young generation, One has to keep updating to be in the game. There is a strong force for new age skills like machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science etc, these skills will take your career graph to heights as the demand in this field is going to be more than ever in the near future.”


Machine learning – Replacing or redesigning work!!!

For past few years work in machine learning has seen a lot of progress.  Along with it the debate, rather, the fear of robots replacing the humans in the workforce has also been emerging. While there are some optimists who thinks that its nothing new in fact a process of evolving. But according to MIT professor Erik Brynjolfsson and his colleagues, this debate needs to take a different tone.

Machine Learning in Delhi

New research finds that automation is not all about replacing the entire occupation but the some specific tasks within the jobs. Some jobs will be more heavily impacted than the others.

“Our findings suggest that a shift is needed in the debate about the effects of AI: away from the common focus on full automation of entire jobs and pervasive occupational replacement toward the redesign of jobs and reengineering of business practices,” the researchers write in an article published in May in the American Economic Association Papers and Proceedings.

“Despite what Hollywood is saying, we’re very far from artificial general intelligence. That’s AI that can just do everything a human can,” Brynjolfsson said. “We don’t have anything close to that. We won’t for decades, unless there’s some amazing breakthrough.”  What we do have are powerful narrow AI systems which are capable of solving certain, specific problems at human or super-human levels of accuracy, typically using deep neural networks. Those technologies are adept at tasks involving predictive analytics, speech and image recognition, and natural language processing, among others.

“But that’s not everything—it’s some things,” he said. “That raises the obvious question: what are the tasks that this amazing AI can do well, and which are the tasks they can’t do?”

To answer those questions, the researchers developed a 23-question rubric to determine whether a task is suitable for machine learning. How high or low a task’s score is on the rubric indicates how susceptible it may be to automation and machine learning, Brynjolfsson said. He and Tom Mitchell published the original rubric in the journal Science in December, 2017.

“Automation technologies have historically been the key driver of increased industrial productivity. They have also disrupted employment and the wage structure systematically,” the researchers write. “However, our analysis suggests that machine learning will affect very different parts of the workforce than earlier waves of automation … Machine learning technology can transform many jobs in the economy, but full automation will be less significant than the reengineering of processes and the reorganization of tasks.”

Radiologists, for instance, have 26 distinct tasks associated with their job, Brynjolfsson said. Reading medical images is a task well-suited for machine learning, with computers starting to become better at image recognition than humans. But interpersonal skills like conveying health care information to a patient are not as easily or effectively performed by machines, he said.

“In almost every occupation, there are at least some tasks that could be affected, but there are also many tasks in every occupation that won’t. That said, some occupations do have relatively more tasks that are likely to be affected by machine learning” Brynjolfsson said, noting that a job like a concierge could be, and is being, mostly replaced by services based on machine learning from companies like Google. Jobs like massage therapists, which don’t have much potential for machine learning, are likely to be the least affected, according to the study.

The researchers recommended looking at the tasks within each occupation that have high potential to be automated by machine learning, separating them from the tasks that do not, and reorganizing the job to match those developments. Machine learning could be doing the tasks it is ideal for, they write, while human labor could be freed up to do more of the activities machine learning is not well-suited for, with a net effect of increased profitability.

That’s not to say new developments in machine learning couldn’t have a wider impact on jobs and the economy in the future. “Matching the evolving state of the art in ML in the future will require updating the rubric accordingly,” they write.

This has also seen an increase in students opting for machine learning training and courses more out of interest and attraction than the need. There are many machine learning training institute in Delhi and Aedifico Tech is simply the best premium institute of the lot that provide an in depth knowledge about AI and machine learning along with hands on projects and exposure to live implementations of the concepts.

Must Have New Skills – A.I, Machine Learning and Automation

Given the layoffs in IT industry, it’s important to keep in mind and understand skills that are becoming outdated and being replaced by new skills which are highly in-demand. Jobs in fields such as manual testing, tech support, system administration have become outdated and are being affected by the developments in the field of A.I, machine learning, automation and robotics process automation based systems.

A.I, Machine Learning, Automation, and Robotics

Moreover, with newer developments in artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation and cloud computing, which helps complete the job with less manpower, software companies are now having to reconsider their strategies. Furthermore, many software developers are on the verge of losing their jobs as they fail to upgrade their knowledge to newer technologies. However, there is a surge in demand for latest and innovative technologies like data science, artificial intelligence, hardware product programming, machine learning. These are the fields where demand is higher than supply and hence people with these skills can get a premium on their salaries.

Job cuts in Indian I.T. companies will be 1.75 -2 lakh per year in next 3 years, due to under-preparedness in adopting newer technologies hence it is better to invest money right now and be prepared for the future jobs. Although, as mentioned, due to lack of skilled individuals, people equipped with these skills can get better salaries. Furthermore, in my opinion, one must have the 3 Cs to sustain in the uncertain Job Scenarios:-

  • Complex Problem-Solving Skills which involves computational thinking and solving real-time
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Critical thinking

If you are in the I.T. industry, get started in new domains which can lead to employability. Furthermore, just knowing the basics isn’t going to cut it. People need to establish themselves as an authority in their chosen field and have expertise in it.

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