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Career Prospects and Future Trends of Data Analytics in India

Data analytics is a process through which data is analyzed and modeled using tools. This data is then used to derive insights. The insights are then
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Machine Learning Solutions to look out for in 2019

In this hyper active technology market, Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions are driving the growth of industries these days. Machine Learning capacity to use Big Data and learning patterns gives an edge to the companies. Deep Learning is again one awesome concept that is making its waves across technologies. Machine Learning,
smart home automation

Livwize – A name that’s looking to transform Indian homes with affordable Home Automation Solutions

Home Automation market is surging rapidly, the recent data shared by market research company projects it to grow to more than USD 80 billion by 2022. One

New Application offers key behavioral data to improve Health

Nascate’s Aware Application offers key behavioral data that can be combined with clinical data to improve healthcare decision making and reduce costs. Based on the growing recognition that behavior – and not just

Top Programming Languages for Machine Learning

While you might think that machine learning is reserved for developers well-versed in languages like R and Python, you’d be wrong. Online code repository GitHub has pulled together the 10 most popular programming languages used for machine learning hosted on its service, and, while Python tops the list, there’s a

Why professionals are going for skills update in Data Analytics?

  Over the years, Data Science has seen a remarkable journey in all parts of different sectors. With that, the need of a data scientist has risen to exceptional levels. But one
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The In-Demand Skills People Need Most in 2019 and How To Learn Them Already?

Many Countries today are experiencing a toughest of time when we talk about job opportunities. Countries like US and many parts of EU are

Why Python is The Best Programming Language?

A free language to download, use and code- Python is designed in English for easy understanding, writing and learnability. Even with a little knowledge of Python, one can easily read
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Why Should You Learn Artificial Intelligence?

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Learn Python and Become a Certified Python Programmer

Why do people keep talking about this new language more often these days? The language which was developed long back in 1991 has recently seen quite a craze. Let’s learn how Aedifico Tech can help you get to the basics of this language and give your technical skills a