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6 Months Training Programs


Aedifico Tech Pvt. Ltd. – 6 Months Training Programs

IT industry is one of the constantly growing and updated industries in market. 6 months extensive training course is designed for students from various backgrounds to enter the giant domain of IT market.

Aedifico Tech Pvt. Ltd. Education prepares you to be a part of this growing industry with a wide variety of courses that train you in the latest technologies. We as a training organization believe in learning through project implementation. Learning through case study is retaining and builds the problem-solving skills which are the utmost requirement in the industry.

This advanced program aims at enhancing the software skills of the student. The course has been designed considering the current requirement of the IT industry starting from basic languages like C & C++ and ending up with latest technology like machine learning, data analytics, robotics, artificial intelligence, python etc. After the successful completion of the course, the student can further go for their dream jobs. These Programming courses groom the student in various technologies and opens the door for better prospects in IT industry.