Why Learn Android:

Android is fast becoming one of the biggest platforms for programmers today. There is a huge demand for skilled Android Developers all over the world. Most businesses across multiple domains are building Android Apps both for enterprise and retail products. Whether you are student or in the IT industry, possessing Android Development skills will help you take the next big leap in your career.


Anyone who wants to learn Android should have a Core Java knowledge along with an analytical blend of mind and logic reasoning. We also provide a complimentary course "Java Object Oriented Concepts" to all the candidates who enroll for the Android Development course. This course helps you brush up your Java skills and clear your concepts in Java.

Course Highlights

  • Flow Control
    Conditional constructs
    Looping constructs
    Break, continue
    Switch statement
    Object Oriented Programming
    Instance & Static variables
    This keyword
    Method overloading
    Extending classes
    Method overriding
    Final class
    Abstract class
    Abstract class vs. Interface
    Access Specifiers.
    Exception handling and assertions
    Use of Exception in java
    Checked & Unchecked Exception
    Collection Overview
    Collection Interface & Classes
    Android Introduction – UI
    Brief history of Android
    What is Android?
    Why is Android important?
    Advantages of Android
    Android features
    Android Market
    Installation and Configuration of Android
    Details about the software requirement
    Download and installation process of Android Studio
    Installation of ADT plugin for Android Studio
    Creation of AVD
    Details of AVD
    Getting Started with Application Development
    How to Select Android Version,
    Step To Create Android Project
    Running Your Application
    Create Switching App
    Run Application in your Android Mobile
    Create a List by the use of List view
    Introduction to Application Component
    What is Activity,
    Activity Life Cycle
    The ManifestFile.xml
    Layout Resources
    Project File and Folder
    Toggle Button
    Progress Bar
    Seek Bar
    Radio Group
    Rating Bar
    Introduction of Listeners,
    Working with Their Abstract methods
    On Click Listener
    On Long Click Listener
    On Check Changed Listener
    On Item Click Listener
    On Item Selected Listener
    On Key Focus
    On In it Listener
    Grid Layout,
    Linear Layout
    Relative Layout
    Frame Layout
    Image and Media
    Image View,
    Image Button
    Media Controllert
    Video View
    How to Play Audio
    How to Play Video
    Audio Recording
    Video Recording
    How to Click Picture Using Camera
    How to Set Wallpaper
    Time Picker And Date Picker
    Android Menu
    How to Create Menu,
    Option Menu
    Context Menu
    Sub Menu
    Creating Dialogs
    Introduction to Dialogs,
    Showing and Dismissing of dialog Boxes
    Alert Dialog
    Progress Dialog
    Threading and Handler
    Intent, Broadcast Receiver, Adapter
    Different Type of Intent?,
    What is intent-Filter
    What is Pending Intent
    What is a sticky Intent
    Using Intent to take picture
    Working with Background
    Creating Controlling Services
    Unbinded and Binded Services
    Explicit and Implicit Services
    Text To Speech Service
    Speech To Text Service
    Registering a Service in Manifest
    Starting Controlling And interacting with a service
    Maps, GEO Coding and Location Based Service
    Using Location Based Service
    Working with Location Manager
    Working With Location Class
    Shared Prefrencess
    Data Storage
    Modes In Shared Prefrences
    Content Providers
    External Storage
    Internal Storage
    Database Structure
    Sqlite Database
    Sqlite Open Helper
    CRUD operation
    Handling Database
    Database Structure
    Sqlite Database
    Sqlite Open Helper
    CRUD operation
    Handling Database
    Rolling your own Widgets
    Bit Maps
    Bluetooth and Wi-fi
    Introduction of Bluetooth
    How to make Device On, Off and Discoverable.
    Introduction of Wi-Fi
    How To Vibrate Your Device
    Android Telephony
    Launching the dialer to initiate phone
    Accessing phone and network properties and status
    Reading Phone Device Details
    Reading Network Details
    Sensor Device
    Using Sensor and Sensor Manager
    Supporting Android Sensor
    Finding Sensor
    Using Sensor
    Introducing accelerometer
    Detecting accelerometer changesr
    Projects to be Covered during training
    Reminder Application
    Smart Messaging Application
    Application Locker
    Dictionary Application
    Online Shopping Application
    Bluetooth Controlled Home Automation
    Travelling Management System Application
    Movie Ticket Booking System
    Social Networking
    Download Manager
    GPS based Friend Tracker Android Application
    Security for Lost or Misplaced Device
    Call History Analyzer Android Application
    Crazy Alarm Android Application
    Quick Responder Android Application
    Search your doctor Android Application
    Photo Viewer Android Application

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