ARM categorizes "Embedded" as all applications that use a microcontroller or microprocessor to execute dedicated tasks on its own or within a larger system. Examples include digital signage, household appliances, HVAC systems, engine management, smart metering platforms, touch-screen controllers, and motor control.

Course Highlights

  • Introduction
    Introduction of ARM Processors
    Evolution of ARM
    32 - bit Programming System
    ARM7 Architecture
    ARM7 Architecture
    Instruction Set Architecture
    LPC21xx Description
    ARM Processor Programming
    ARM Processor Programming in C
    Using ARM Programming Tools
    Debugging Techniques
    Interfacing of Display Devices
    LED Display
    LCD Display
    Seven Segment Display
    Interfacing of Motors
    Introduction to Motors
    Types of Motors used in Embedded Systems
    Programming and Controlling of Motors in Embedded Systems
    Timer Programming
    Concept of timers
    Use of timers as counters
    Measuring time using Timers
    Programming timers and counters
    Serial Programming
    Serial Communication Concepts
    Types of Serial Communication
    Description of SFR associated with Serial Communication
    UART programming
    ADC Programming
    Concept of Analog to Digital Converter
    How to interface analog sensors with embedded Systems?
    Programming with ADC
    Interrupt Programming
    Concept of Interrupts
    Types of Interrupts
    Programming with hardware and Software Interrupts
    SPI Programming
    Introduction to SPI Protocol
    Programming with SPI
    I2C Programming
    Introduction to I2C Protocol
    Programming with I2C
    Hardware Interfacing classes
    Bluetooth based home automation
    RF based home automation
    Serial controlled home automation
    Electronic voting machine
    RFID based Toll plaza System
    RFID based attendance management System
    RFID based security system
    GSM based security system
    GSM based message display
    GSM based home automation
    Zigbee based home automation
    Keypad based Security system
    Temperature monitoring & alarming system
    Environment monitoring system (humidity,temperature & LDR sensor)
  • Introduction to IOT
    Brief about internet of things
    IoT applications in different verticals
    IoT architecture, Protocols and Tech Stacks
    IoT components
    Control units
    Servers, Cloud
    Cloud Computing
    What are web services
    Design principles
    Creating Database on cloud storage
    Accessing the database from anywhere in the world
    Brief introduction to 32bit ARM7 processor core
    Architecture of AVR
    Register configuration of AVR
    Barrel shifter use in AVR
    Thumb instruction in AVR
    Processor modes in AVR
    Advanced Microcontroller programming using ARM7 LPC2148
    GPIO programming
    32 bit-Timer programming
    UART programming
    RTC programming
    32bit-PWM Programming
    Interrupt Programming (FIQ,IRQ)
    10 bit-ADC programming
    Interfacing Accelerometer and gyroscope with LPC2148
    Basics of MPU6050
    Writing C program for collecting the data from MPU6050
    Interfacing WIFI module with LPC2148
    Basics of wifi module esp8266
    Writing C program for creating server using esp8266 in LPC2148 controller
    Description of SFR associated with Serial Communication
    Interfacing GSM/GPRS module with LPC2148
    Basics of GSM/GPRS sim900 or sim300
    Writing C program for sending and receiving any data through internet using GPRS
    Accessing the internet using GSM module if wifi network not available
    Interfacing GPS module with LPC2148
    Basics of GPS module L80
    AT commands of GPS module for accessing Location information
    Writing C program for receiving Longitude and Latitude information from GPS module and save it in memory of LPC2148 controller
    Introduction of Telnet in windows
    Using telnet creating a connection with the WIFI module in network
    TCP/IP basics and commands
    Introduction to Sensors
    Analogue sensor
    Distance measurement sensor
    0-5 v sensing
    4-20mA sensing
    Scaling of the analogue sensor in the microcontroller
    Digital sensor
    Occupancy sensor
    Display interfacings
    Graphical LCD
    4-line LCD interfacings
    Introduction of relays
    Relay as a switching device
    writing programs for actuating relays
    controlling AC devices from microcontroller using relays
    Case studies
    Controlling and monitoring of room temperature
    Creating a system board using AVR, a wifi module and a LDR sensor which keeps on sending the real-time data on server by creating socket after every predefined time like 10 seconds.
    A simple HTML code can be written to access the server and get the data of room from anywhere in the world and from any device which is connected with the internet.
    Development of Tracking device
    Creating a device that is portable and can be fitted into anything to be tracked.
    Using GPS module, LPC2148 and a wifi or GSM/GPRS module, designing a board and an application program which keeps on retrieving the location information from the GPS module and sends it to the server after every programmable time like 10 secs, 1 mins or 10 mins.

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